Call Center Careers 101

Published: 21st June 2011
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As of this writing, the call center industry had developed into a very lucrative business. No wonder, a lot of people have been going out of their career paths and are trying to work as call center agents. With a pretty much decent pay, call centers have continually invited a lot of job hunters. Initially, one would think that having good English communication skills is the sole key in landing a call center job. Here is what lies beneath that belief.

Call center shifts are not all generally ‘graveyard’ or ‘night shift’. Schedules are based upon the time zone of the country that you will be assigned to make or receive calls. However, choosing schedule is not actually open to all; so when one happens to be designated for a graveyard shift, be aware of the fact that you will not be having the same amount of sleep that you usually have.

With that, one will have to adjust and get used to the fact that you need to work despite the human body not built to work for the night and sleep for the day. However, a lot of agents who have been in the business long enough have get used to the system.

Another thing, drinking coffee for you to be able to stay awake during your call center night shift has its pros and cons. Yes, its caffeine can keep your eyes open for a period of time, but it is generally bad for your health as it is known to speed up urinating process that leads to the depletion of calcium in your body which is excreted as you urinate. Plus, it dries the mouth and generates a malodorous breath.

A call center job can generate great income for you. That is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people are having career shifts. Higher benefits and salaries could pretty much sum up as to why the industry have become larger and is keeping the Human Resources Department busier.

Going back to the qualifications, some call centers are not only looking for linguistically eloquent individuals who can audibly speak over the phone. Not all call centers operated through telephones (some through emails and chats), that is why; one should also possess technical knowledge as the key quality in becoming a good call center agent.

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