Equipment a Call Center Agent Needs

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Published: 15th March 2011
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When it comes to their jobs, call center agents need all the help they can get. Agents often have to accomplish many other tasks as they talk to customers, such as record customer information and search for solutions to the customerís problem. This is why the cubicles of these agents are furnished with equipment and tools that can help agents multitask effectively.

The productivity of call center agents is largely dependent on the tools they use. Agents are usually equipped with computers and telephones, which are the primary tools needed to receive customer calls. Specialized software also helps agents cater to a customerís specific needs, as well as track and record vital information about the customerís issue.

Modern devices are now utilized by call center companies to enable a more efficient call handling system. In the call center business, communication devices are not the only devices needed to address customer inquiries.


In the past, call center representatives used to work with handsets. Although useful, these devices made it difficult for agents or representatives to multitask, since they had to use one hand to hold the handset in place during the conversation with the customer. These days, though, agents are equipped with headset-capable telephones. Headsets can be easily hooked into place as the agent talks to the customer, helping the agent multitask during the conversation.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems

Most inbound call centers today use IVR systems for customer calls. These systems are helpful at filtering and categorizing calls according to the customerís problems or issues. After inputting information through the system, customers are directed to the call center agents who can best resolve their problems. IVR systems are also capable of recording customer information, which is vital in customer identification and authentication.

Computer software

A call center representative may be skilled at multitasking, but he or she would not be able to resolve an issue or problem without help from software. Computer programs used by call center representatives vary depending on the agentís area of focus. Representatives who provide support for a companyís billing department, for instance, would probably use specialized software to access customer accounts and invoices.

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