How To Survive As A Call Center Agent

Published: 21st January 2011
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Getting hired as a call center agent is a mixed blessing. While there are a lot of perks and rewards to the job, there also a lot of stigma attached to it. Itís unapologetically difficult but to the industryís credit is that it wonít try to trick your expectations.

Interacting with different people every day is one of its perks. If youíre a people person, helping strangers can be personally rewarding. Youíre also trained to deal with difficult people and to be patient. This is an eminently useful quality to acquire. Itís a skill that once learned will keep on rewarding you for years and years after.

Monetary gain is another perk of working for the call center industry. Signing bonuses and generous salary rates are not uncommon. This generosity is the result of human resource departments trying to desperately stop the inexorable tide of high employee turnover rates.

The employee turnover in a call center is high for a reason. Itís a stressful, repetitive job with little face to face human interaction. You spend your day in a cubicle, plugged into a headset and staring at a computer screen. The high workload demands of the job coupled with the isolation are the usual culprits for burning out workers.

One way you can survive your stint in a call center is the ability to relax and let most things slide. With any customer service related industry, it is inevitable that you will come across a difficult customer. They would probably be rude, impatient and loud. Getting screamed at, cussed out and having the phone slammed down on your ear are events that are far from unbelievable. You need to develop a thick skin and the patience of a saint in order to excel at the job.

A call center agent must also be able to adequately keep focus on what heís doing. The repetitive grind may prove boring to some but you have to resist the temptation to slack off. It is essential that you keep your wits about you in order to preserve the same quality of service for customer no. 3 and customer no. 3846.

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