Qualifications of a Good Call Center Agent

Published: 15th February 2011
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For many call center companies, the ability of their agents to communicate is an important factor in achieving their goals. Many callers and customers prefer agents that can answer to their problems and inquiries and most of the time, they feel very important when these agents serve them well. Thatís why many of them pay high importance to their recruitment process.

If youíre managing a call center company, you need to pay attention to the kind of call center agents you have. Your agents will carry on the responsibility of assisting your clientís customers. Therefore, you need them to project a level of professionalism and skills.

In hiring a call center agent, there are many options that you can do to help you find the right agent to fill in the job. Some call center companies in the country would often hire RPOs or recruitment processing outsourcing companies to help them screen their applicants. However, most of them prefer to do it on their own. When hiring agents, here are some qualifications that you need to look for:

Telephone Personality

Because this is a call center company, you need to hire an agent that has ample communication skills. When you say communication skills, itís not just about them speaking fluently or clearly. A call center agent with good communication skills can project a personality over the phone. Many callers prefer agents that can make them feel they understand their sentiments even if the conversation is done over the phone. Communication skills should be a combination of good speaking voice, pitch, pace, enunciation, and pause.

Problem Solving Skills

Call center agents are divided into three different functions Ė technical support, customer service, and telemarketing. The thing with their functions is that most of them have something to do with resolving product conflicts and assisting on troubleshooting procedures. With this in mind, call center agents should be prepared with whatever comes their way. They should be tech savvy and flexible in dealing with different aspects.


It is important that call center agents are motivated to get the job done. Without motivation, they wonít be able to project a level of interest and professionalism toward their callers. Call center companies believe that despite the stress, call center agents need to sound accommodating when dealing with their callers.

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