Skills and Equipment a Call Center Agent Must Have

Published: 15th March 2011
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Speed and accuracy are two attributes that are very difficult to achieve simultaneously. More often than not, only one of these two traits can be fully achieved, primarily because accuracy often takes time. Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci rushed the creation of the Mona Lisa. Do you think it would be the celebrated work of art it is today?

Through technology these days, though, these two skills are not so difficult to achieve. Thatís why technology is extensively used in the call center industry, which aims to quickly deliver effective solutions to customer issues. To ensure that customer issues are handled quickly, the average handling time of each agent is closely monitored. The quality of an agentís performance is measured through customer feedback and metrics such as abandon rate and first call resolution.

Call center agents are encouraged to resolve a customerís issue or complaint as much as possible, but they must be able to resolve the issue in a short amount of time as well. Tools that would help an agent accomplish this are provided by the company. These tools have features that can make the agentís job easier.

Call transfers

Most telephone systems used in a call center provides a call-transferring feature that would allow agents to redirect calls to a department more capable of handling the clientís issue. For instance, if a customer talking to a technical support representative wants to change certain information on his or her account, the representative may transfer the call to another agent from the appropriate department.

Caller ID

A typical call center phone system also has a caller ID feature, which helps the agent identify information about the customer. Customer information indicated usually includes the customerís name, his or her contact details, as well as the number of times he or she has called the company. More sophisticated caller ID systems also indicate the issues previously encountered by the customer.

Multi-call function

Call center agents who work at outbound or blended call centers usually have to contact several numbers simultaneously. An ordinary phone can dial a maximum of four numbers at the same time, but a call center representativeís multi-call telephone can contact up to eight numbers at once.

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