The Diversity of Jobs in a Call Center

Published: 19th April 2011
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Currently, there is a social stigma for people who are working in call centers. They are stereotyped as employees who answer phone calls, respond to e-mails, and listen to comments and complaints of clients. These wrong connotations about call center agents discourage some to work in such companies. However, what most people donít know is the diversity of jobs and workloads that exist in call centers.

Call centers may be an independent company offering calling services on a contractual basis for a division or arm of a large corporation. Independent call centers are part of the growing business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. They supply manpower for various companies and corporate groups all over the world. They primarily focus on customer care services. The most common jobs in call centers are customer care representatives, helpdesk persons, and telemarketers.

Customer care representatives, also called customer care executives, send and receive e-mails from clients. They assist customers who have complaints about certain products and services that are covered in their account. They act as the front of their client company in performing functions and jobs on customer relations.

The work of helpdesk personnel is slightly similar to that of customer care representatives, albeit they focus on service requests and inquiries of customers for gadgets, computer systems, appliances, and other devices. They serve as a technical support team that entertains calls for repair services and job orders. Other helpdesk persons in a call center work as telemarketers. They make outbound calls to potential customers to sell products and services over the phone.

Call center jobs are not limited to making calls and answering questions. Aside from customer care executive and helpdesk positions, there are also web developers, web programmers, and software engineers. These people create websites and manage software programs for e-commerce projects and activities in select accounts and companies. The growth and development of the BPO industry has enabled call center companies to expand their operations beyond the customer-care realm, delving into fields like e-commerce and many others.

One can also apply as a management officer in other divisions and departments of a call center. They can work in the human resource, training team, and accounting division. A call center job goes beyond the typical phone operator work. There are other positions available for communication professionals in the corporate world.

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